MOOC Sustainable Urban Freight : Re-Run Available As Of Dec 4th


We are happy to announce the re-run of the successful Sustainable Urban Freight Transport MOOC on edX as of 4th December 2018. This time the MOOC is presented as a self-paced course, students and professionals can access the free course till September 2019. The MOOC is the result of a collaboration between 8 partners of the global COE-SUFS network. It provides a unique cross-cultural introduction to city logistics, as experienced around the world (Netherlands, Japan, India, UK, Australia, South-Africa, and Sweden). For more information, click here or contact Tharsis Teoh at

Life in the city relies on the smooth operation of urban logistics. Everything from retail to services, construction to waste collection rely on an efficient and reliable freight transport system. However, with the increasing pressures of urbanization, this has to be balanced with the environmental and social impacts caused by transport activity. This is the challenge of City Logistics, a field of study that has significant practical implications for the world and the cities we live in.

It is not merely a question of what is involved, but what can be done about urban freight transport to improve it for the sake of economic efficiency, quality of life, and sustainability.

This course will take you on a journey to learn how city logistics is understood and practiced in cities around the world. The instructors, members of a renowned global expert network, will teach you the basics of this highly complex social system. Using their experience in real-world projects, they will illustrate how the knowledge learnt in this course is applied across industry and the public sector.

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