Initiative Selector

The Initiative Selector is an HTML webpage that, for a given set of inputs, return suggestions of potential initiatives that could be implemented for a given problem. The Initiative Selector can be found at

Figure 46 shows an example from the Initiative Selector.  On the left side of the screen there are three categories a user can choose from: 1) Nature of the Problem, 2) Geographic Scope, and 3) Problem Source.  The user can select multiple choices for each criterion.  As the user enters their criteria identifying the problem, the table in the center of screen is populated with possible initiatives that could be used to solve the problem, along with some key identifiers about the initiative, such as the investment level, length of time for implementation, risk of unintended consequences, and the group and sub-group the initiative belongs to.


Consider the following examples:

  1. A neighborhood in an urban area has a large concentration of restaurants and retail establishments (mixed large and small). Currently, the area experiences a high level of congestion due to the number of deliveries made, and delivery vehicles double-parked.
    • Initiatives suggested (for a Congestion problem, impacting an Area, and produced by Urban Deliveries) are: urban consolidation centers, time slotting of deliveries/pick-ups for large traffic generators, staggered work hours program, and mode shift program.
  2.  A large volume of freight traffic generated at City A travels to City B but has to cross City C. The traffic uses corridor XYZ which passes through City C. As a result, City C is experiencing congestion due to this through traffic. In addition, the traffic is damaging the city roads.
    • Initiatives suggested (for a Congestion problem, impacting a corridor, and produced by Through traffic) are: Ring Roads, Acceleration/Deceleration Lanes, New and Upgraded Roads
  3. An intersection in a city has a poor level of service due to a high volume of large trucks. The intersection was designed before a number of warehouses and manufacturing facilities expanded operations. Quite often, these trucks hit utility poles and create unsafe situations
    • Initiatives suggested (for a Congestion problem, impacting a point, and produced by large trucks) are: removal of intersection constraints, Truck Routes, New and Upgraded Infrastructure

These examples demonstrate how the initiative selector can lead to a range of sensible recommendations. Obviously, further planning, stakeholder engagement, economic and engineering studies are needed to identify the best way(s) to proceed in any given situation. The alternatives identified using the Guide must be subjected to a rigorous process of vetting and analysis by all key stakeholders, which will provide feedback concerning the relative worthiness and effectiveness of the alternatives, and possibly additional initiatives to consider.

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