Initiative 43: Voluntary Off-Hour Deliveries Program

Voluntary Off-Hour Deliveries Program
Description: Programs that produce a shift of deliveries from the regular hours (6AM to 7PM) to the off-hours (7PM to 6AM). As opposed to pricing and regulation schemes, this travel demand management initiative targets receivers as the key decision makers, and seeks to convince them to accept deliveries during the less congested off-hours, through the use of incentives.
Targeted mode: Urban Deliveries, Large Traffic Generators Geographic scope: City, Area
Type of initiative: Freight Demand Management: Voluntary Off-hour Deliveries Program Primary objective: Reduce congestion and pollution
Expected costs and level of effort to implement: OHD programs require raising funds to provide incentives to receivers. The potential exists to implement a self-supported freight demand management system that uses the revenues raised by a small toll surcharge to finance these incentives. The implementation of the program—whether self-supported or not–requires a multi-layered, multi-stakeholder collaborative approach to gain substantial business support, and to accomplish a large shift to off-hours.

  • Reduce congestion
  • Increase efficiency
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Improve reliability
  • Enhance livability

  • Low probability for unintended consequences:
  • May increase perceived noise impact
  • Increase operational costs
  • Require fundraising to provide the incentives
  • Require very high/high coordination among multiple stakeholders/jurisdictions

  • The City of New York OHD Program, New York, United States (Holguín Veras et al. 2013b; Holguín Veras et al. 2014)

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Source: New York City Department of Transportation

Related alternatives: 1. Low Noise Delivery Programs/Regulations; 2. Daytime Delivery Restrictions; 3. Daytime Delivery Bans; 4. Recognition Programs; 5. Certification Programs
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