Initiative 44: Staggered Work Hours Program

Staggered Work Hours Program
Description: Programs to diminish truck demand during peak periods by distributing the receiving hours throughout the day. This initiative targets receivers as the key decision makers, and seeks to convince them to spread out the reception of deliveries.
Targeted mode: Urban Deliveries,  Large Traffic Generators Geographic scope: City, Area
Type of initiative: Freight Demand Management: Staggered work hours program Primary objective: Improve delivery efficiency
Expected costs and level of effort to implement: Staggered work hours programs involve the engagement and collaboration of multiple stakeholders; business support is key to accomplishing the main goal of smoothing congestion during peak hours.

  • Reduce congestion
  • Environmental sustainability
    • Reduce Noise Emissions
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve reliability
  • Low to moderate implementation costs

  • Require very high/high coordination among multiple stakeholders/jurisdictions
    • May require the inclusion of incentives to convince businesses to participate
Typical example:

  • The initiative has not been tested or implemented in any projects
Related alternatives: 1. Peak-Hour Clearways; 2. Daytime Delivery Restrictions; 3. Time Slotting of Pick-Ups and Deliveries at Large Traffic Generators; 4. Pick Up/Delivery to Alternate Locations
References: O’Malley and Selinger 1973; Maric 1978

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