Initiative 4: Acceleration/Deceleration Lanes

Acceleration/Deceleration Lanes
Description: Improvements to infrastructure designed to accommodate trucks’ technical acceleration and deceleration specifications, especially when merging into traffic at intersections, interchanges, ramps, highways, and at traffic signals
Targeted mode: All traffic Geographic scope: Corridor
Type of initiative: Infrastructure management: minor improvements Primary objective: Improve inadequate infrastructure
Expected costs and level of effort to implement: The planning process should involve multiple stakeholders to account for the impacts and benefits of acceleration and deceleration lanes. Depending on the locations, high investments may be needed to acquire land to construct the lanes. Requires analysis of possible environmental impacts.

  • Enhance safety
  • Improves mobility
  • Reduce congestion
  • Low probability for unintended consequences

  • May require high capital investments
  • Environmental impacts associated with new construction
  • May require moderate implementation times

  • Minnesota Department of Transportation (Minnesota DOT) (Maze et al. 2005)
  • Acceleration Lane at I-81/I-70 Interchange. Maryland, United States (Keels 2011)
Initiative-4 image

Deceleration lanes at the intersection of four-lane and two-lane highway
   Source: Maze et al. 2005


Related alternatives: 1. Truck Routes; 2. Restricted Multi-Use Lanes; 3. Exclusive Truck Lanes (Dedicated Truck Lanes)
References: Douglas 2003; Maze et al. 2005;  Keels 2011

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