Initiative 2a: New and Upgraded Infrastructure, Intermodal Terminals

New and Upgraded Roads
Description: Enhancements to the geometric design and physical characteristics of current roadways
Targeted mode: All traffic Geographic scope: Corridor
Type of initiative: Infrastructure management: major improvements Primary objective: Improve inadequate infrastructure/ enhance safety
Expected costs and level of effort to implement: Extensive stakeholder involvement and an assessment of all potential impacts (positive and negative), both inside and outside the study area, should factor into planning. Costs of implementation range from short-term inexpensive maintenance to very high construction and reconstruction costs of new truck routes or lanes.

  • Reduce congestion
  • Enhance livability
  • Enhance safety for bicyclists and pedestrians
  • Facilitate multimodal freight

  • Moderate probability for unintended consequences
  • Environmental impacts associated with new construction
  • Require very high capital investments
  • May increase traffic on improved roadway
  • May require private-sector investments

  • Lorry Route Network, Suffolk County, England (Suffolk County Council 2013)
  • Atlanta Freight Corridors, Atlanta, GA, United States (Georgia Department of Transportation, 2011a)
  • US-281 and  Loop 1604 Super Street (San Antonio, TX, United States)
  • Alum Creek Drive Reverse Crossbow Interchange (Franklin County Engineer, OH, United States)
Initiative-2a image
Source: Georgia Department of Transportation 2011a
Related alternatives: 1. Ring Roads; 2. Freight Cluster Development (Freight Village); 3. Freight Parking and Loading Zones; 4. Truck Stops/ Parking Outside of Metropolitan Areas
References: Ogden 1992; Woudsma 2001; Georgia Department of Transportation 2011a; Suffolk County Council 2011; Wilbur Smith Associates 2012.

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