Initiative 6: Ramps for Handcarts and Forklifts

Ramps for Handcarts and Forklifts
Description: Additions to urban buildings and sidewalk ramps to accommodate forklifts or small handcarts to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading truck activities
Targeted mode: Urban deliveries Geographic scope: Point
Type of initiative: Infrastructure management: minor improvements Primary objective: Improve inadequate infrastructure
Expected costs and level of effort to implement: Effort is required to coordinate multiple stakeholders involved from planning and transportation organizations, real estate developers, and landlords to update and modify current regulations, land use codes, and rezoning strategies. Implementation costs may involve the need to buy or rent additional space, or include costs to retrofit existing buildings, though these costs are generally low and implementation times are short.

  • Reduce congestion
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Enhance safety
  • Improve mobility
  • Low to no probability for unintended consequences

  • May conflict with pedestrian traffic

  • For freight, a similar curb ramp improvement type of project, such as the projects conducted after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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Source: U.S. Department of Justice 2010

Related alternatives: 1. Freight Parking and Loading Zones; 2. Enhanced Building Codes; 3. Upgrade Parking Areas and Loading Docks
References: Ogden 1992

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