Initiative 12: Timesharing of Parking Spaces

Timesharing of Parking Spaces
Description: Scheduling the use of parking spaces among and between specific carriers, this initiative includes coordinating the timing of pick-ups and deliveries with freight carriers, shippers, or receivers, and in some cases freight and passenger vehicles. Timesharing of parking spaces requires the optimization of times for deliveries and other uses.
Targeted mode: Large traffic generators/ urban deliveries Geographic scope: Point
Type of initiative: Parking/loading areas management: off-street parking and loading Primary objective: Improve inadequate infrastructure
Expected costs and level of effort to implement: The planning process should involve extensive stakeholder engagement and coordination with local officials, shippers and receivers of goods, the road freight industry, and other users of parking space. Changing policy and adding appropriate signage will be a minor cost; enforcement (including cameras) and reservation measures could be costly.

  • Reduces congestion
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Enhances safety
  • Improves mobility
  • Low probability for unintended consequences

  • Requires private-sector acceptance
  • Requires enforcement
  • Requires coordination with other parties

  • Sendai, Japan  (PIARC 2011)
Related alternatives: 1. Loading and Parking Restrictions; 2. Peak-Hour Clearways; 3. Vehicle Parking Reservation Systems; 4. Time-Slotting of Pick-Ups and Deliveries at Large Traffic Generators
References: PIARC 2011

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