Initiative 54: Foster an Industry-Led Best Practices Dissemination Program

Foster an Industry-Led Best Practices Dissemination Program
Description: Foster an Industry-Led Best Practices Dissemination Program is an initiative that provides a solid foundation for private-sector engagement in sensitizing and teaching them how to conduct their activities in ways that mitigate the negative impacts produced. These best practices can be modified and improved as demanded by circumstances.
Targeted mode: All modes Geographic scope: City, Area
Type of initiative: Stakeholder engagement: foster an industry-led best practices dissemination program Primary objective: Stakeholder engagement
Expected costs and level of effort to implement: This initiative requires the coordination among the multiple stakeholders involved.

  • Facilitates the implementation of freight initiatives at all levels
  • Provides support to private-sector companies in how to minimize the negative freight externalities
  • Improves outreach efforts
  • Reduces probability of unintended consequences

  • Requires high coordination among different stakeholders
  • Requires adapting the governance structure to local conditions

  • Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Roundtables
  • UK Freight Transport Association Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme
  • UK Freight Transport Association Van Excellence Programme (

Initiative 54

Source: UK Freight Transport Association

References: Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals; Freight Transport Association 2013

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