Initiative 53: Create a Freight Quality Partnership (FQP)

Create a Freight Quality Partnership (FQP)
Description: A FQP is a voluntary partnership between private and public sector groups to foster the implementation of practices that ameliorate the negative impacts of freight activity. Partnerships between the public and private sectors to tackle freight problems have been growing in recent years and there are now some very good examples in Europe, North and South America and Japan.
Targeted mode: All modes Geographic scope: City, Area
Type of initiative: Stakeholder engagement: create a freight quality partnership (FQP) Primary objective: Stakeholder engagement
Expected costs and level of effort to implement: This initiative requires coordination among the multiple stakeholders involved.

  • Creates formal working environments between private and public sector groups
  • Facilitates the implementation of freight initiatives
  • Creates communication channels between different stakeholders
  • Improves outreach efforts

  • Requires high coordination among different stakeholders

  • The Central London Freight Quality Partnership (CLFQP), London, UK (Lindholm and Browne 2013)
  • Local freight network. Gothenburg, Sweden (Lindholm and Browne 2013)

References: Department for Transport 2010a; Lindholm and Browne 2013

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