Action Plan

Creation of Action Plan

An Action Plan that defines the recommended policies, programs, processes, and improvements to be conducted is one of the key products of the planning process.

Tasks involved in the creation of the Action Plan are:

  • Stakeholder outreach and agency coordination
    • Plans are typically are presented in draft form to stakeholders, advisory groups, and agency leadership for review and comment prior to finalization. This would be true of any freight plan, and is recommended for plans based on any of the initiatives identified in this Guide.
  • Data collection
    • Agency staff collect information on the reactions to the draft plan to gather support and address any outstanding issues.
    • In the case of alternatives that require engineering design, additional data may need to be collected to support the design process.
  • Assessment and analysis
    • Recurring concerns about the plan are noted and addressed.
    • Engineering designs may be needed for some initiatives. Agency staff ensure that the design teams have access to the data and design parameters needed.
    • Pilot tests could be planned to gain insight into the practicality and potential benefits and costs of proposed initiatives.
  • Generation of outputs
    • Outputs from this task are:
      • A list of prioritized initiatives to be considered for implementation.
      • A plan of specific actions needed to implement these initiatives, including:
        • Sequencing
        • Key success factors
        • Key actors and critical partners in each action
        • Resources (time, facilities, equipment, and funding)
        • Timeline for completion
        • Plan and timeline for measuring the performance of the Action Plan

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