Market-Share Models

The market-share models that estimate the probability of a typical shipment choosing between truck and rail are presented in Tables 22 to 25. It is important to note that only statistically significant and conceptually valid models are shown. The model results are shown with two parts in the tables. The top part lists the recommended models, which are conceptually valid and statistically significant. The bottom section of the tables show the models that are not recommended because, though conceptually valid, they are not statistically significant. Also, the sample size represents the number of bins by GCD considered in the aggregation process, and does not represent the number of shipments.

Transit time and freight rate models

This section presents the market-share models that consider freight rate or transit times as separate independent variables.

Table 22

Generalized cost models

This section presents market-share models that consider generalized costs as independent variables.

Table 23

Table 24

Table 25

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