Overview of Available Methodologies

This chapter summarizes the analysis conducted by the team on methodologies that can help explain and forecast freight mode choice. The main goal was to gain insight into which methodologies should be recommended as part of NCFRP44. The literature review undertaken can be found in full in the latter part of this section.

The review conducted focused on: mode choice behavior; factors influencing mode decisions; the relationship between shippers and carriers; and the tools available for mode choice analysis, particularly the Intermodal Transportation and Inventory Cost (ITIC) models (Federal Railroad Administration 2005). The review of literature provided key insights on the advantages and disadvantages of the various methodologies. In general terms, the methodologies can be classified into econometric, and supply chain models. Econometric modeling is the most widely used; out of over 40 references analyzed by the team 64% used econometric modeling, and the remaining 36% used supply chain models.

3.1. Econometric Models
3.2. Supply Chain Models of Freight Mode Choice
3.3. Summary of Relevant Literature
3.4. Freight Modes, Scope and Variables from Literature

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