Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program

The Peer-to-Peer Exchange Program is designed to share global best practice cases and real world examples of sustainable urban freight systems. This program is open to anyone with a professional or a personal interest in freight transportation issues.

Webinar #21: Internet Deliveries to Households, and Deliveries to Business: Impacts on Cities and Solution Approaches

Webinar #20: Innovative Ways to Gain Insight into the Needs of Freight Activity

Webinar #19: Land-use Related Freight Transport Challenges and Opportunities in London

Webinar #18: Logistics and Land Use Planning: The Example of Paris

Webinar #17: The Impacts of Congestion on Supply Chains: Recent Results from an Inter-American Development Bank Initiative

Webinar #16: Use of Freight Trip Generation Techniques to Manage Curb Space

Webinar #15: Innovative Street Solutions for Urban Freight: Experiences from London and Buenos Aires

Webinar #14: Updates on Off-Hour Delivery Pilots Part II: The Experience of Bogota, Colombia

Webinar #13: Updates on Off-Hour Delivery Pilots Part I: The Experiences of Sao Paulo, Brazil and Copenhagen, Denmark

Webinar #12: Cargo Cycles for Urban Delivery: North American Experience

Webinar #11: Cargo Cycles for Urban Freight: The European Experience

Webinar #10: The Role of High Productivity Freight Vehicles in Metropolitan Areas: The Australian Experience

Webinar #9: Engaging Stakeholders in Sustainable Urban Freight Initiatives: An International Perspective

Webinar #7: Freight Trip Generation Patterns in Developing Countries

Webinar #6: Logistics Sprawl: Spatial Patterns of Logistics Facilities

Webinar #5: Urban Consolidation Centers: The UK Experience

Webinar #4: Urban Consolidation Centers: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly-The Dutch Experience

Webinar #3: Urban Consolidation Centers: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly-The Japanese Experience

Webinar #2: Lessons for Urban Freight from the London 2012 Olympic Games

Webinar #1: Lessons from the Off-Hour Delivery Program in New York City

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