Land-Use Related Freight Transport Challenges and Opportunities in London

Webinar 19

The nineteenth webinar, Land-Use Related Freight Transport Challenges and Opportunities in London was held on September 27, 2017. In this webinar, Mr. Paul Strang from Transport for London (TfL) and Mr. Julian Allen from the University of Westminster discussed the challenges and opportunities related to the interface between land-use and freight transport in the London. The webinar also presented a public sector perspective on the current framework for managing freight transport in order to meet economic, safety and environmental objectives. Insight into TfL’s work in addressing freight transport issues and perspectives into future directions for urban freight policy-making was presented. The discussion covered barriers to, and opportunities for, urban freight transport and land-use interactions, taking into account the mixing of residential and industrial land-uses. Additionally, the discussion touched on the logistics land-use trends, the availability and affordability of logistics land and the increase in freight intensity that occurs as the distance between depots and their delivery area in London increases. The strategic responses taken to logistics land availability pressures and the research into reducing the traffic intensity of road and curbside use from the perspective of sites that generate freight trips were also discussed.

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