Innovative Ways to Gain Insight into the Needs of Freight Activity

Webinar 20

The twentieth webinar, Innovative Ways to Gain Insight into the Needs of Freight Activity was held on May 23, 2018.In this webinar, Dr. Kazuya Kawamura from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Mr. Ted Dahlburg from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) will discuss innovative ways to gain insight into the needs of freight activity at the micro (Kawamura) and macro (Dahlburg) levels. Dr. Kawamura will discuss the methodology his team developed to measure and examine the ease/difficulty of making freight deliveries to an area using data from Chicago, Illinois. The findings suggest the presence of correlations between local land use regulations/provisions and the conditions that affect both perceived and measured factors that determine the ease of making deliveries; and that policies such as Planned Manufacturing Districts and Industrial Tax Increment Financing districts, which were implemented to promote city’s industrial base, have produced inconsistent results. Mr. Dahlburg will present the DVRPC approach to identifying freight clusters, referred to as “freight centers.” The analysis utilized various data sets and a “freight quotient” calculation to pinpoint 70 unique freight centers which have been assigned to one of five categories: international gateway, heavy industrial, distribution and logistics, high-tech manufacturing, and local manufacturing and distribution. The freight centers have been included in DVRPC’s 2045 long-range plan and will form the basis for future technical work and the prioritization of capital improvements.

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