Comparative Analysis of the Impacts of Delivery Restrictions in Large Cities

This project is intended to assess the observed impacts of the delivery restrictions that have been enacted and proposed in large cities such as New York (USA), Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai (India), Bogotá and Barranquilla (Colombia), and Sao Paulo (Brazil). This comparative study is important because it would provide a real life view on this complex subject, and would confirm or reject the research conducted that suggests the possibility of negative unintended effects on traffic congestion and pollution.



Jose Holguin-Veras (RPI)


Gitakrishnan Ramadurai (IIT Madras)
Gopal Patil (IIT Bombay)
Geetam Tiwari and Nomesh Bolia (IIT-Delhi)


Juan P. Bocarejo (Universidad de los Andes)
Victor Cantillo (Universidad del Norte)


Hugo Yoshizaki (Universidade de Sao Paulo)

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