Software and Tools

1. Freight and Service Activity Trip Generation Software (FASTGS) 

The Freight and Service Activity Trip Generation Software (FASTGS) uses the latest models developed and documented in NCFRP Report 37: Using Commodity Flow Survey Microdata to Estimate the Generation of Freight, Freight Trip Generation, and Service Trips: Guidebook (Holguín-Veras et al., 2017). This software is able to estimate the daily freight deliveries and shipments, service trips attracted and freight generated (in pounds) at an individual establishment level and at a ZIP Code level. Additional to this, it is able to estimate at a 2-digit and 3-digit NAICS the amount of freight produced per year at a ZIP Code level.

2. Initiative Selector for Improving Freight System Performance and Freight-Efficient Land Use

A decision-support system to aid in the selection of possible solutions related to freight-efficient land uses and freight transportation systems. For a given set of inputs, the Initiative Selector provides practitioners with a list of potential initiatives that can provide a solution to a given issue pertaining land-use and transportation planning.

3. Behavioral Micro-Simulation Tool

The Behavioral Micro-Simulation (BMS) is a software tool that uses real data to simulate freight vehicles flowing through a metropolitan area.The BMS software estimates the routes and aggregated performance measures such as total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by freight vehicles and transportation costs. The BMS software also simulates the consequences of alternative land-use policies to assess their effectiveness from the perspective of freight efficiency. If you would like access to the basic version of this software please email Jeff Wojtowicz at

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